Ugomemo Explorer

SNSサイト うごくメモ帳 に公開されている作品のダウンロードが簡単に出来るソフト Ugomemo Explorerの公開を行っています。
Ugomemo Explorerを起動するには.NET Frameworks 4.0以上が必要です。


Ugomemo Explorer is an application that download a work of Ugoku-memochou and it can be encoded it. This is can be used easier.
To run the application, require .NET Frameworks 4.0 and over. Next is not force, but I recommended that run on Vista.
And to use encode, you need given path of ffmpeg(ffmpeg will install when install the application. So you do not need install it).

ATTENTION:  You must run this application at your own risk. And  I cannot give the support to you.

[PS:May 7, 2010]Excuse me. I was excepting release that RC. However, I forgot take the backup, so I can't release RC.
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To download files like Ugomemo Explorer's latest release, go to the download file list page of Ugomemo Explorer. Once you select a file name, the downloading process will begin.
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